Hey guys! This article is devoted to zooqle. The fun part of torrenting is that doing this will allow you to have content which is paid and you will get the thing for free, but there are many issues which are related to it. One of the biggest issue with torrenting is that it distributes the copyrighted content which is malpractice for earning money. Here will talk about one such website Zooqle.com

You need to have in mind that, if you google this is just not enough for getting to one of the best torrent websites.

One thing that we have to understand is that there are many torrent website which is available on the internet. But if we take that website in term of service they provide, you will find only a few handfuls of websites. This website works on any contents which are accessible, like movies, music, books games sports etc. one such site is Zooqle which will provide you best in class content for film.


Zooqle torrent one of the online, new indexing providing service, this website has a huge database which contains a huge amount of data base. It has an advance search option which will help you find your content very easily, this is because it provides you filters and sort option, using them you can sort of filter out your results.

One of the best torrent sites, Zooqle torrent has its main focus on movies and TV series and in addition to this zooqle give its users a public API which is to receive torrent Metadata. Here the interesting thing is that TMDb provides all the content which you will get.

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What is Zooqle?

Zooqle com works formerly as a bitsnoop. It acts as web crawler which to find the best torrent. This website was made live in the year 2008 and from then it’s continually growing. Well, this website is one of the best site for you if you have an interest in videos, audiobooks, Bollywood and Hollywood. The thing which will impress is that zooqle will provide you with all the content in very high definition.

 Working of zooqle!

Well, zooqle in somewhat google in the field of torrenting, more focusing then zooqle is one of the best websites to search for torrent movies. When you search, you will find many sites which will be collected around form the database of TMDb.

The main thing is movies, but they are working hard and in addition to movies they also provide Tv shows and series.

user interface

Zooqle.in is best if you are looking for movies, music, games, and software. With the content they provide and their service zooqle can receive a high amount of traffic which is up to 3.3 million.

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When you go to the website, you will find that everything which is available there is organized, which will help you to find your content quickly and in addition to this, the is attractive which is unlike any other torrenting website which is entirely filled which creates a problem for understanding what is what?

One of the thing which they do is that before they add nay torrent on their website for downloading they verify all the things.

There are many options which is available to in the sense that in which quality you want to download your movie, like in 720, 1080 and the best part you can also download it in 3D.

Best in class alternatives!

1.    CiniSearch,

Well coming on to a number of torrents, this website will provide you 4 million torrents, and this is one of the best torrent websites for the content of movies, music, and games software due to this. Citysearch is one of the best alternatives for zooqle.com

The working of this website is effortless. You have to search for the movie you want to download and download; the interface is just as another torrent website.

According to this website developers, they recommend you to USE VPN. This will help you to avoid any privacy issues.

2.    Limetorrent

Established in the year of 2009, this website is one of the best alternatives for zoogle torrent. At present this website can gain a 10 million of traffic, and this website has its name for providing best In class content for movies, games, music and software.

The way limetorrent is working, within no time it will be one of the best torrent websites.

The thing to know about this website is that the developers of this website have lunched torrent cache, which was one of the outstanding things they have done.