YTS is also known as YIFY YTS torrent sites and this is one of the best torrent sites. this is actually a peer to peer file distribution platform. this is a release group. which is well known for distributing a large number of movies. and you can download them using. And in addition to this, all the content which you are getting will be in HD video quality in small file size. this is the thing which attracts many downloaders. it was in the year 2015 when this website was download.

YTS torrent

YTS torrent is one of the best ways to share files on the internet, and the thing to consider is that they account for the 50 % of all the file sharing which are done on the internet. in a simple way, YTS torrent is a file which is used to start the download of a particular file. mainly these YTS torrent websites are sharing those files which are paid and are made free to download using YTS torrent.

It was founded in the then year 2010, and form that time this website is working very well. it was in the year 2013, when YTS started gaining a high amount of traffic and one of the thing to know is that after the year 2013, the YIFY become the most searched kickass YTS torrent website and in addition to this the YTS torrents like yify 720p, yify 2013 and yify 1080p and till the year 2015 this attraction was carried and was maintained till 2015 after this the websites were blocked by the ISP in united kingdom this was the time when YTS started decreasing the value due to this the developer started YTS was launched.

YTS Torrent- best torrenting website

The unofficial successor of the defunct YTS or YIFY group, there were many websites which were not feeling happy since this site hijacked some of the popular brands in the particular space and In addition to this some of the active bans were also released.

The thing to consider about this site is that this site has an unimaginable amount of daily visitors and In addition to this, this website has its specialization in the field of movie releases and every day there are many new titles which are released on an average basis due to the fact yts has beat some of the top torrent sites

Facts about YTS!

Here in this section of the article, we will tell you some of the best in class facts about the YTS torrent.

•    YTS is the only YTS torrent website which climbed Alexa rank with such great speed, here the thing which you should know is that the website advertises itself as the new official domain of YTS and in addition to this the group which operates the YTS have shut down there services permanently since they have reached to a settlement with MPAA. One of the thing that makes ytsYTS torrent one of the best torrenting sites is that in the year 2018, yts is was one of the top YTS torrenting sites 2018

1 One of the interesting thing about YTS is that, when you will go to the home page of YTS, you will find its logo, with that logo you find that this logo is old yet the pure look of the website is original, with its that domain they also advertise for their other domain YTS/YIFY, they say that is one of the other domain of the YIFY group.

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2 You will find that the message which is showing there is signed by a username seraph, this is the official username of the seraph and in addition to this, and the name of OTTO is the name of the person who manages all sort of uploads on the websites.

interesting things about YTS Torrent!

3 Here the interesting fact, they have claimed that any website which is using YTS name is not linked with the old YTS YTS torrent website which was working there. If you go for finding you will find that there are the number of websites who have tried and faced the downfall of the old site, this is due to the fact that they have tried a lot of profit with this.

4 One of the interesting thing which is related to YTS torrent is that the chairman of motion picture association of America had claimed the shutdown of YTS, this they did by filling out the lawsuit in the New Zealand.

5 The operator of YTS are still anonymous had them made a settlement with MPAA.

6 People who are indulging in the YTS torrenting websites think that the YTS is been linked with EZTV but one thing to make clear here is that this is absolutely not true. Well EZTV is one of the leading distribution group, but due to a hostile takeover, this website was shut down. The thing which EZTV do for YTS is that they advertise and you can find that advertisement in the homepage of the EZTV,  the advertising is actually the announcement of YTS YIFY YTS torrent website which can provide you some of the best in class movie content is back in the game.

YTS Torrent- currently working or not?

•    Actually this is the thing which all should consider, is not the original thing, the original YTS has been gone forever, this is due to the fact that some of the people who work in re-edit forum and some of the people form international Business times have claimed the reload of old YIFGY tittle, due to this thing, the YTS came into the eye of MPAA and here all the service which they were providing were not at all legal.

•    The original YTS is completely not working, yet its working in the form of domain.

How to use YTS torrent?

•    One of the first thing you have to do it to install a YTS torrent client. One thing to understand is that all the YTS torrenting websites allow you to down the files virtually. The working of YTS torrent is very simple, all they do it they take small chunks to form the computers who have already downloaded them and make them together to work and do it.

•    One you have to download the yts YTS torrents file, all you need is a bit YTS torrent client to work on it.

•    Now you have to install the YTS client, this is very necessary to use the YTS torrent client form a trusted source. Since there are many sources which can put adware or other malicious things in the file.

•    Now you need to get a site form which you can track the listing of YTS torrent files.

•    Now you need to find out which file you need to download. And they determine the file you need to download, here there are some factors upon which you can consider the things like speed of the download, number of seeders you have and in addition to this quality of the file which you want to download.

This is one of the frequently asked questions that is YTS is safe to use?

  1. The thing which is bit dangerous about YTS torrent is that when you are connected to YTS torrent, this means that you are connected to all the people in the swarm and in addition to this if there is any sort of transfer of malware, this is actually possible and this malware will infect your system and can create a great loss, and in addition to this if you are caught by ISPs, this will be the case when you are not using any sort of VPN, this is advisable to use VPN, since your IP address will be hidden.

2. Now here the thing to consider when you go for the URL of YTS, you download the things in https/ this stands for the proof that all the things which are transferring from here and there are saved and are useable.

3. As well all now the Original website of YIFY have completely shut down, there are many copy cats who use this name for their purpose, these website are YTS torrent downloading website which provides you links to download various thing, on the online and they are claiming that they are official YIFY websites, this is just to gain out the trust of people and get a high amount of traffic.

more about YTS! is actually the websites which form the group of YIFY, and the thing to consider about this website is that this website is one of the best websites in the field of YTS torrenting. And in addition to this, they are very frequently working websites.

One of the things to consider about them is that with kickass YTS torrent they have good relationships as they have allowed backlash to all the imitators not specifically to the which is top torrenting sites and YTS torrent groups like extra YTS torrent have clearly banned them altogether.

It was in the year of 2017, in early 2017 this was done in the approximately two-year operation shifted to the new domain and in addition to this YTS.AM is one of the best YTS torrenting websites available, one of the interesting thing to know is that this website has an Alexa rank of 213st most traffic gaining website around the world.


It was in the year of 2017, in early 2017 this was done in the approximately two-year operation shifted to the new domain. in addition to this YTS.AM is one of the best YTS torrenting websites available.

one of the interesting thing to know is that this website has an Alexa rank of 213st most traffic gaining website around the world.