The founder of Yahoo was jerry yang and David Filo. These were the two-man who is behind Yahoo. They both are an electrical engineer who is graduated from Stanford University in the year of 1994.

Yahoo mail is the service which is provided by yahoo. The service was launched by yahoo in the year 1997 and according to them, there are four plans which come under yahoo.

What is yahoo mail?

Yahoo mail is that service which is provided by Yahoo. This is the email service on which you can take up an email address and use it to send emails around the whole world. Yahoo has made it simple with their yahoo mail service now you can send instant emails, you can share files and information around the worlds.

All about yahoo mail !

This section we will give you information all about yahoo mails which is necessary for you people to know.


Here you can use yahoo mails as a basic plan or else you can use business email by paying some money to Yahoo.

The thing to consider here is that. One of the plans says that you can use yahoo mail as for personal use under which you will have three choices basic, plus an ad-free and another was a premium plan.

personal plan

In the personal plan, you will be able to use yahoo mail, but for the purpose, you will have to take up the ads which are shown to you. Here if you want an ad-free interface, you will have to upgrade your account to ad-free account.

business account

The business account was purely for business purpose, and you have to pay to Yahoo to get a business account. The interesting thing to know is that in the year 2011 yahoo had its 281 million emails and due to which the yahoo mail is the third-largest web-based email service in the whole world.

yahoo mail create account?

Creating a yahoo mail account is very easy. Go to the mail account and then all you have to do is to click on the create an account option which you will find on the home page.

Here you need to provide necessary information about yourself

Information to contain

1.    You need to enter your necessary information like your first name and the last name this name will be used to denote your email address.

2.    After that you have suggested a name for yourself, the next step is to select an email id. You have made an email address on which your emails will be sent and received.

3.    Now you have to create a strong password.

4.    And then you need to associate your mobile number with your account. This is for verification, and in the time you forgot your passwords the OTP will be sent to you in the particular amount which you will provide now.

last step

5.    And in the end, you have to provide your date of birth and your gender

6.    The last step is to go through the term and policy of Yahoo to use their email service.

7.    And finally, create an account and your account will be created.


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This is something interesting which is provided by Yahoo. The thing to consider here is that this will allow you to set your account the way to want to be.


You can add themes to your yahoo email. You can add colors to it, and you can add images so that it looks beautiful and in addition to this one of the cool things that you can do is that you can set up a background image.

streamline inbox

Another exciting thing that you can do is to streamline your inbox. Doing this will allow you to see a complete list of emails and this thing you can consider it as a message preview pane.


You can adjust the space, which is in between of every email which you encounter. The thing to consider is that this thing is useful if you feel confused in the way you get a complete list.

There are many tools which will help you out for the purpose. They will help you out in navigating, and in addition to this, they will help you in managing all your emails.

Some of the commons tools

1.    Views:- using this tool you can check out all your emails at a time which are based on the topic.

2.    Filter:- you can use filters if you want to search for a specific email or types of emails.

3.    Archive:- if you’re going to save and secure an email the thing to consider is that you can send the emails to file.


Having an email in today’s worlds in necessary. This is to take note that yahoo mail is one of the master class services which is provided by Yahoo use it and start sending your letters and give a boost to your business.

in addition to yahoo, there are many other email services which you can try out.