Have you ever flashed with http error 500 on your computer well this is a common experience? Here in this section, we will talk about http error 500, and in addition to this, we will completely understand what is https error 500

understanding what is error 500?

The 500 internal server error is one of the most common mistakes which is found out even by ordinary people. This error is an internal server error.
According to this error code, it means that the website which you want to access has some issue with it. But here the actual problem is still not encountered.

This is and server-side error. The meaning of this problem is that you’re PC and the internet connection has not been connected correctly or we can say there is an issue with the way we want to load the website. Or else this can also indicate the server of the site is facing some issues in managing the request.

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What is 500 Internal Server Error?

There are two types of error which are encountered an internal error and external error. Here internal error means some sort of error which is encountered due to some sort of misconfiguration and you are not capable to complete the request.

This problem is not because of there is some issue with your system. This is a general error which is accorded due to some issue in server.
In simple words, the internal server error is an error which is web server error which can be encountered while you are trying to send the request and the server is misconfigured due to some issues.

The simple way to understand 500 Internal Server Error is that, whatever you are requesting the server. The server is not able to perform the particular request.

What to do when HTTP error 500 is encountered?

reload the webpage

One of the thing that you can do is to retry loading the webpage. For this all you have to do is to reload the page or refresh the page or else what you can do is to reload the page. The thing to understand is that this issue may go on the server of the web page. The server might be online or some sort. Refreshing the web page or trying to reload the page might work out.

return after sometime

One of another thing that you can do is to come back after some time. The thing to consider is that there will be some temporary issue with the server of your website. If the same message is flashing many times, the thing to consider here is that let the problem get solved, and you came back later after some time. After a gap of 5 to 10 minutes, you can go back later.

clear cache

Another thing that you can do is to clear out the cache memory. This problem is might coming due to the history of the browser. This is might possible that the page which you are viewing is a cached page. After you clear the cache you can work on the website.


This is done when you are facing this issue form a log time. All you have to do is to check out the error log button which is available in the cPanel of the sections of the log. Here you can find what the issue with the website is. This is possible only when you have Cpanel hosting with you.

This is funny but there are a situation when you can get this particular error due to some syntax error.

important note:-

Here is something that you have to consider always. The thing to consider is that whenever you are flashed with an error of 500 then you have to consider that at the check-out process at any of the online merchants. If you have received this error.

Then don’t reload the page or don’t try to do the process again and again. This will send multiple request to the user. If you do so you will end up proving multiple requests to the merchant and hence you might have to pay out multiple charges.


This is one of the general error which is encountered by many people on a daily basis. If you are getting this error this simply means that server on which you are trying to make contact is not able to process out your request.

This is the easiest way to understand what is http error 500? All you have to do is to wait for it the issue is fixed form the server side so that you can continue your work.

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