What is Anal Sex! A complete guide on how to have anal sex?
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Anal Sex Made Simple! step by step guide!

by Ashu sharma
how to have anal sex,what is anal sex

Do you know? What is anal sex! Well, here in this article we are going to break down what is anal sex and how to have anal sex!

There are different kinds of sex which you can have with your partner but one thing to consider is that you should always protect yourself no matter what kind of sex you are having! It can always get your partner pregnant!

 Here we are going to break it down in a simple fashion!

What is SEX?

how to have anal sex,what is anal sex

There are many different ways we can define sex! For many people, sex is only when the penis goes inside the vagina! But this an only half true there are other ways to have sex! Let’s check them out!

  • Vaginal sex (intercourse of penis and vagina)
  • Oral sex(mouth with genital contact)
  • Anal sex(penis in butt intercourse)
  • Fingering/hand jobs (hands with genital contacts)
  • Genital rubbing
  • Masturbation (in which you rub yourself)

What is anal sex?

type of sexuality check out yours!

Here in this section, we will consider only about what is anal sex? well whatever mode you with if you are getting physical with a person you have been responsible! And in addition to this when you both feel comfortable you can have sex! Sex is never done forcefully!

And in addition to this when you have sex there are issues like STSs and pregnancy is involved with it! Always have precaution for it!

Talking about Anal sex always have precaution which will help you out in preventing the issues of STDs

In a simple fashion anal sex is the sex in which the penis is intercourse with anal (penis in anus) there are many types of people who prefer to have anal sex! And on the other hand, there are people who don’t like to have anal sex!

The thing to consider in what is anal? is normal and it’s fine it is all well that you can go only for virginal sex and you leave out the anal sex

Well, the thing which is important if that in anal sex if you don’t use lubricant it can hurt you! Since the expansion of the anus hole is very less compare to the vagina and in addition to this anus don’t have the ability to make its own lubrication!

Hence when you are having anal sex! Always have lubed which will help you out in easily to have sex! And in addition to this one more thing to consider is that kindly use one product either you can go for oil or you can go for Vaseline or lotion but don’t go for both! This is extremely unhealthy

how to have anal sex,what is anal sex


  • Listen to your body! Don’t have anal sex when it’s paining you a lot and you are not able to bear it!
  • Sex is all about getting comfortable! It’s never don’t forcefully!
  • Well, you can’t get pregnant form sex! But there are more and more chances that you can get STDs which can include HIV therefore never go for unprotected sex!
  • Use high-quality condoms for that
  • Always use lubes to protect yourself

How to have anal sex?

how to have anal sex,what is anal sex

Here in this section! Let’s discuss how to have anal sex properly

Don’t get to fast! Take it easy and explore it by touching her there are many people who love anal sex and in addition to this, there are many people who don’t like it at all! Discuss with your partner that weather you both are comfortable in having anal sex or not!

One thing to consider is how to have anal sex is that don’t be hard! Take it easy it can hurt you both badly hence always use lubrication for protection!

First, put your penis a little bit and then remove it and then do it again but remember that don’t penetrate too much that your partner is not comfortable

Another thing to consider on how to have anal sex is that you have to be slow and steady and careful anal is not made for sex! Yes, the vagina is!

Can Anal sex lead to pregnancy!

No! anal sex nathing to do with pregnancy! yet thier are more chances of HIV STD in anal sex!

Is Anal Sex Healthy?

Anal is not made for sex! yet having Anal sex is a proper way will be good! yet it can damage your body!

Does Anal produces its lubricant?

Anal does produces its lubricant! and you should use lubrication if you are going to have anal sex!

Which one is better anal sex or vaginal sex?

this differ from person to person! some feel good it anal and some feel good in vaginal!

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