There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like to watch TV series. At this era and in today’s world, this is somewhat part of the time. The thing to understand is that this article is all about watch tv series. Here in this article, we will discuss someone of the top class online platform which will allow you to watch tv online free streaming.

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List of websites to watch tv series online


This is an application which comes from jio. Under the jio cinema, you will find an option for jio TV.  Here in the jio tv you can watch tv series for free. All you have to get is jio connection and jio cenima app, and you are all set to view the content for free. And in addition to this one of the exciting thing is that you can watch series io the whole content in the quality which you choose.


This is one of the biggest platforms to stream the content online. This here things are well maintained and organized and Also, this platform offers you a wide variety of richness In the content. The only problem with Netflix is that in order to watch series io the content, you need to get a subscription.


This is again one of the highly popular platforms to watch tv series. The thing to consider is that hotstar provides you richness in its content. And here some of the tv shows you can get for free while for some you have to pay some money. This is one of the best in class website to watch tv online

4.Tubi tv

This is a completely free website. Here you can find favourite TV shows in excellent quality. The thing to take care is that you need to good quality Internet connection. Or else you can download the parts of the tv series so that you can go for it. This is absolutely free site, but you need to see some ads. You don’t have to pay, and in addition to this, you don’t have to create any account for the purpose. Tubi is the best platform for watch TV series online.


This comes from Walmart. This is an online platform which will allow you to watch TV online. Here you don’t have to take anything like a subscription. Here the thing is that you have to pay for the content which you view. Hulu has richness in navigation and in addition to this a well-organized platform which will allow you to view the content for free. 


Here we have a top web platform which will allow you to get the things. In the list, there are websites for which you have to give a paid connection, or there are websites which will enable you to watch TV series free.

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