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Types of Sexualities Check Out Yours!

by Ashu sharma
types of sexualities,sexualities test

Well as the gay and lesbian marriages are becoming more and more common the term sexuality has been started to coined! Here this article is about types of sexualities!

 types of sexualities,sexualities test

Do you know how many types of sexualities are there! Well, there are mainly 7 types of sexualities which are found mainly! Yet if we talk about sexual orientation then there are many types are so much that it is too hard to categories them!

Here we will first define the type of sexualities which are there mainly and there we try to know how to find your sexualities with sexualities test!

Types of sexualities

Here in this section lest try to define the 7 types of sexualities


these are the type of category which is the largest and is considered to be normal! Well, these category people feel attraction towards the opposite sex! For example, the male with feel attraction towards a male and female will feel attraction towards male! They are also known as straight.


well homo here the word symbolize the meaning same! Here these types of people feel attraction towards the same side of sex! For example, the male will feel attraction towards male and a female will feel attraction towards female! This is the story! Gay and lesbians come into this category


here bi means both this means that these types of people feel attraction towards both type of sex! Let it male or let it be female. Bisexual has the highest sexual tendency. The thing to consider about bisexual is that these people are also known as 5o % straight and 50% homosexual


here the word pan means the person who feel attraction towards all the people they are somewhat similar to bisexuals they can feel attraction towards transgender, female and in addition to this the other categories!


queer is those categories of sexuality which is not properly defined! The thing to consider is that these types of people don’t have a well-defined sexualities different types of people show different tendency!


asexual people are those people who have very less sexual tendency! They don’t feel attraction to anyone yet, on the other hand, these people can feel romantic and emotional attraction. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have sexual tendency they can engage them self’s in the sexual activates yet they don’t take the step first!


these are those people who feel attraction to only those with whom they have made strong emotions and are bonded. Yet the thing to consider is that this bond is a guarantee that they will feel attraction!  

Some of the other fined types of sexualities

  • LGBTQ+ they are known as lesbians, gay bisexual transgender and queer!
  • Allosexual they are those people who are not Asexual
  • Aromatic they are those people who don’t feel romantic
  • Coming out- these are the people who don’t reveal their identity to other
  • Closeted these types of people don’t like to open about their gender and sexual tendency

Sexualities test

Here in this section, we will talk about sexualities test! Probably you would be wondering that how to check what is your sexuality and how to find which is mine! Here we have a solution for you all you have to do is just give the answer to these questions! this is a simple sexualities test to check out

  1. In the past, which sex have you been attracted to the most?
  2. Which sex do you find more physically attractive?
  3. Have you ever dated someone the same sex as you?
  4. Do you find the opposite sex attractive?
  5. Do you find the same sex attractive?
  6. Do you have dreams of having sex with the opposite or same-sex?
  7. Who was your first love?
  8. Have you ever been in the relationship?
  9. Which is your opinion on homosexuality?
  10. What do you think is your sexuality.  

answer these questions and the second step in the sexualities test is to check out the definition of these types of sexualities and compare your answer and you will get the result to this sexualities test

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