This article is related to tubi. If you are one of the those, who love to watch movies online and have a great deal of interest in watching movies and watch TV shows online and you have to spend a lot in watching videos online, and you want a way out. Then you have come to the right place, here in this article we will talk about tubi. which is one of the biggest names in perticular space.

It is one of the best in class streaming video web place, which is absolutely free, all you need to get is to have an internet connection in order to watch any of your movie.

TUBI :- free streaming video

Based in San Francisco, California Tubi tv is one of the highly used for free streaming video website or web place. Tubi tv was launched in the year 2014, and there are more than 12,00 titles on which tubi works. These titles include movies, tv shows, web series and a lot more. There are many studios which work with Tubi Paramount pictures, metro-Goldown-mayar and many of the top class studios.

The thing to consider about TUBI is that, and it is totally free, all the content which you can access on this website, is totally for free. Due to this the real earning of the |TUBI is through ads which they apply on their website.

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Key Features

The best feature of tubi is that all the content on this website is for free. This is a watch free movie website.  And you can search for your favorite content form more than 50,000 titles.

Another best in class feature of it is that they add up content very fast.  The content uploading speed is breakneck.

The third master class feature of it is that. It is only tubi which can provide content in very high quality for free.

You can access tubi tv form all the devices, and the developer has optimized it so. READ MORE- Kissanime | watch Anime Cartoon For Free!

You can find the high- profile and in addition to this some of the exclusive content.  With this, some of the old are gold content also is available on it.

One of the best features of TUBI is that this is legal; all the content on TUBI is adequately documented for the purpose. This means that you can go for TUBI without any issues.

One of the best feature of it is that this is legal; all the content on TUBI is adequately documented for the purpose. This means that

mobile app.

The app of TUBI is very lovely, they have an excellent way of presentation. One of the best place for watch movies online all the content is properly categorized. You will be shown the pictures of the content which you have, by just clicking on them you can get the full information about the particular image.

The top of the app is used to feature the content of films, and the rest of the page will show you the things which are related to TV shows, and web series.

The thing to consider in this section is that you are given many tools which will help your experience make better.

This makes the app and as well as the website look very lovely, proper categories help a lot for the purpose.

How to use TUBI ?

This is very easy to Use tUBI. You have the APP for tuI, so that you can access it through the mobile and tubi addition to this you have to option to watch the content through the web also.

The this the masterpiece form TUBI, you don’t have to log in to watch the content which you want to watch. But if you wish to go for the content which is adult or require your 18 + permission for the purpose you need to make a free account.


This is a website which is based on the entertainment category. This is one of the trusted webpage due to the reason the ALEXA rank of this website is around 23,404. You don’t have to register your self to access to the content of the website. Its been five years this website is working and gains a high amount of traffic worldwide.

You can get the advantages of the it on Android, IOS mobiles and devices and in addition to this, you can also use this on the OTT devices like ROKU, Android TV, and a lot more.

In the year 2018. The profit which was made by tubi was amount $ 25 million. With this fund they have improved a lot, this includes that they have made strong themselves in terms of acquisition and they have worked even hard in terms of marketing.

One of the biggest milestones that it has acquired is that, in the year 2019, they have signed a deal with NBCUniversal. This means that over 400 channels and TV episodes will be added to TUBI.