The torrent industry is very big, according to stats, this has been recorded that there are almost 80 million users in every month which uses these torrent websites. Torrentz2 is one of such torrent website which gains a high amount of traffic. 

Just like any other torrent site, even the torrentz2 site also suffered some of the shutdowns and banns, when it was done again it was the time for the change in the domain name, here was the domain name with which thetorrentz2 came and the best thing is that this website also offered the same features as the torrentz2 was offering.

Interesting facts about Torrentz2

One of the interesting, features which was provided by the torrentz2 was that it allowed its users to search their kind of torrent file in more than 80 torrent website, this can be done only with the search engine of the torrentz2.

This is very interesting when you search anything in the torrent search engine, and you will find that this queries will be searched in the top 80 torrent sites due to the fact this is highly possible that you are not able to find the content which you want to find out.


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The thing is when you will find that the content you want to see is available on the other website, their torrentz2 takes care of that, the torrentz2 will navigate you to the site. This is the reason the torrentz2 is one of the best places in order to find the torrent files of all types.

How to access the torrentz2?

Here in this section of the article, we will provide you a solution to a common problem. That how to access torrentz2 when you are not able to access it.


One of the best ways to do it is to use a VPN who has a server form such a place from which the torrent is not banned.

And in addition to this one of the best in class and easy way to do this, if to access the torrent form the proxies or mirrors, with this mirrors or proxies you can easily find these websites.


Before we go there let’s understand what is a proxy and what is a mirror. a mirror is a website which is a copy of the website. This means that this website will act as the copy of the same site and proxies are the way through which you can access the main site, in simple words, we can conclude that proxies are the way to go to the main website and mirrors are a copy of the website, which are not the actual website.


this is the list of top-class mirrors and proxies which will help you out if reach the torrentz2 website when it is banned in your countries, here the thing which we have to understand is that these torrent websites contain data index and in addition to this content which helps us to take us directly to the official torrents domain,

List of torrentz2 proxies and mirrors

Torrentz3 and torrentz4 are some of the top mirrors which are highly used.






The thing which makes the use of this website so reliable is that these proxies and mirrors are managed by the developers of the TORRENTZ2 site and they aim to provide access to those people who live in those areas, where the content is banned. READ MORE- Torrent | Best Anime Torrent Website

Since the developers of the particular website manage these mirrors, you don’t need to take care of the thing that these mirrors will not be updated; they are always up to date.

Alternative to torrentz2

Here in this section of the article let’s consider some of the top class alternatives to the torrentz2. There are many websites which are available in the web like the pirates bay, and in addition to many other websites, here in this section of the article we will provide you some of the best in class alternatives which will help to download the content, we the torrentrz2 is not available. READ MORE- Kissanime | watch Anime Cartoon For Free!

1.The pirate bay

first of all, this is a masterpiece, since this website gains almost 80 millions of users. The thing to consider about this website is that this website is one of the oldest sites is that particular space.

This is one of the biggest search engine which is available in the market, this is because the user interface of this website is adorable and in addition to this, the pirate bay is reached in content.


this is again one of the world class websites which can be said as the alternative to the torrentz2 website.

The thing to consider is that this website gains around 4 million of traffic every month which is enormous, the richness in the content and the user interface of this website makes this website one of the favorite sites in the particular space.