Here in this section, we will consider some of the most visited torrent sites. And the best part is that these sites are top torrenting sites which are leading in 2019. Some of the websites are YTS, and pirate bay is top names in this field. But before we dive into the world of torrent sites, let’s consider what torrents websites are and mainly what they do?

The word torrent in the technological world means the computer files. Which has metadata and is holding various information. These files come with the extension .torrent. But the unique thing about these websites is that they contain actual content which is distributed.

With torrent files you require a bit torrent sites software. Example of such software is uTorrent, using which you can access these files.

best torrenting sites

In simple ways, a torrent file is a key using which you can initiate a download of the actual data which you want to download. These files are generally shared files like books, music or documents. All you have to do to obtain the corresponding torrent files. This can be download either by downloading the .torrent file, and this can be done using a magnet link.

Some of the top torrent sites

This can be very tricky to find out which one is the best torrenting website. The main issue with this website is that there is always an issue between the authority and the top torrenting sites. And in addition to this. There are many torrenting sites which are known to have malicious software binding with them. And in addition to his, there are many websites which provide low-quality torrent files. and even there are websites which provide fake content.

How to find which one the best torrent or best torrents we can use to download things?

1 Year in which they are established. This is one of the best ways to figure out which of the torrent website is best to use. The older the sites is, the better the site will perform. Since to be there the sites have to fight a lot. There are many issues with which they have to grow. And if they are there that means that they are reliable.

2 content, this is very important, the best torrenting website will be one form where you can find your content. And in addition to this you can find your content very quickly. There are many websites which are providing content in categories format, this will be interesting to consider.

3 Number of the ban, this is again one of the best way to find out. The website which is less banned that means that the site is working well. We can get a hell lot of information by finding out that the website is reliable or not.

4 Speed test, the speed with which you are downloading the thing can be one of the best ways to find out that the torrent website which you are using is reliable or not.

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List of best torrent sites and some of the best torrent sites

1.    YTS.AM

we’ll have you ever heard of YTS or YIFY group, the YTS.AM website is the private part of these group, the working of this website is based on rebranding third-party releases of the some of the favorite movies torrent; this is one of the most popular torrent websites available in the market.

2.    1337X

this is a brand in this field, this is one of the most table torrent websites at the present and the best thing is that this website is working form many years, the fantastic thing about this website is that this website has some of the best in class uploaders which have mastery in providing quality content. This has seen many times that ISP has blocked this website form reach and is keep on blocking in many countries.

3.    The pirate bay

one of the best torrent sites, this is the master, well this website can be called as oldest website In this field, now this website is working form past many years and is in the list of some of the oldest sites available in the market, this is amazing to know that this website gains traffic form almost all countries, the main problem with this website is that its connectivity is having some issues, still this website stands in the third position.

4.    RARBG,

well this is also a masterpiece, but the thing to consider about this website is that this website is down forming the last two years, the fantastic thing about this website is that this website works together with some of the best in class websites and gains a high class of traffic, this website was made in the year 2008 and had been working fine form the time being. This website has top torrent search engine

5.    Torrentz2

this website is original torrent. Eu sites, well this website was closed by their developers in the year 2016, then this website started again and is working well, and this website is growing high. This website is top torrent sites 2018

6.    EZTV.A

well this website is one of the top torrent sites 2018 is an original website which is form the TV distribution group, the thing to consider about this website is that EZTV shutdowns after a hostile takeover in the year 2015, this website was hacked and dumped, the issue with this website was that the new owner of this website was saying that they have ownership of this brand, yet this group is still active and is being worked well, this is an exciting thing to know that, before a few months ago the ETTC accused the group  that they have stolen the releases.

7.    Torrent downloads

this is one of the old website, which is working form a high time and this website is available from many years, the reason that this website is working so high is that this website is providing a high-quality content, and in addition to this, they don’t have any issues related to connection. The sites have made down for some time, but with its services, this website has regained its position, and this website is in the topmost torrent sites which are active at present. This website is top torrent sites 2018

8.    Zooqle

this is a master class website, and one of the top working website is that torrent sites field, they have proper connections. they have daily updated content and in addition to this the content is been properly categories. the thing which we should check about this website is that this website has 3.8 million active verified torrents, which makes this website at good place in the top 10 sites. And last year In 2018, best torrenting sites 2018

9.    Bitsnoop

this website was launched in the year 2008, and have gained high popularity in the same field, this website is known since this website has the biggest search engine considering the torrenting thing. When this website came, they had started with a million torrent, and the thing which we have to recognize is that they are considering to include many and many floods, at present they have around 30 million torrents which are a huge number to consider and one thing to know is that, this website is best torrent sites 2017

10.    Idope

this is one of the best or top class torrent search engine. And this is known to provide almost all the content which you will like. The thing about that is they provide direct magnet links to torrent. And in addition to this, they have a master class database which is linked with more than 18 million torrents. And in addition to this, they have a user interface which very simple to use. This website has a high speed of the download and has categories content. this will help you to find out the best possible content in hd quality. You can consider this website as one of the best torrent download sites.

how to download torrent safely?

This is a confusion that downloading thing form torrent websites form torrent can be harmful, yes this is possible, this is because peers can catch your IP address and there are many production and recording company, which are haring professional people which can check you out and can report the thing to them, since torrent files are actually that file which is available as paid or licensed and through torrent you are downloading this thing absolutely for free, as he caught you the ISPs can enforce the law and can give your records to agencies which you block you form downloading something further.

One of the best ways to save yourself is using VPN; these VPN will help you to protect yourself since they will hide your IP address and using them you can downloading the file anonymously while you are downloading torrents fails safely. For advice, you should always do this while you are surfing the internet. This will prevent ISPs, to get to know what you are doing.


You will find that many of the torrenting websites are being blocked for your region. Now you can go for nordVPN, or there are many website using which you can find out some of the top class VPN or else is you are not able to find one. You can use opera for the purpose, and the opera browser provides you free VPN. For your mission, this is a free VPN and best way to use blocked torrenting websites.