Tamilrockers is a website which is used to provide a facility for the distribution of the copyrighted material, well this copyright content is mainly concentrated on the format of the video. the working of the site is that it allows the visitors for searching and downloading the copyrighted content from the internet. Well, this download can be done using magnet files and in addition to this some torrent file. This is one of the websites which works on the principle of peer to peer communication for the transfer of files.

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This is one of the best websites or let’s say the torrenting site, due to high use of this website many ISP users have blocked this website, but one of the ways these type of sites uses is that they change the web address to continue working.

Tamil rocker website, which was released in the year 2011, this website works in English and the revenue of this website comes from advertisements, this is the website form which you can get magnet links


Tamil Rocker was started as bootleg recording network but ended up being as torrenting website after this tamilrocker started working on pirated copies of Indian movies and ended up becoming one of the top site to download Indian films and then they started working on Hollywood movies and then they started including Tamil, Telugu and Hindi movies.

You can find them as tamilrocker kannda, tamilrocker Malayalam or tamil rocker movies etc.

One of the interesting facts about this website is that, in the time of 2015 this website was gaining a high amount of traffic, due to which on the year 2015 in the month of 3 march 2018, in total three men were arrested and in three of that one of the men was admin of the website.

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How to download movies from the Tamil rockers?

•    This is very easy to download any movies from the website tamilrocker co, one of the thing which we have to understand is that Tamil rocker is one of the websites which works on the bit torrent.

•    The very first thing that you have to do is to access the website, since this website may be banned in some area, well in some places where it is banned they can use proxies or mirrors, and if this website is not banned, then you can directly access this website.

•    Once you are on the site, then your other step is to find out what you want to download? This can be done by search your content, once you have to find the material then you have to download the torrent file which will help you to start the download.

interesting facts about tamilrockers

•    Download the data, and then you need to get a BitTorrent software, one of the best examples of this is Utorrent.  All you have to do is now open the file using utorrent and this will start the download of the particular file.

•    Here your file will be downloaded, and you can enjoy it. This is done form tamilrocker 2018 latest.

•    If you want to download the latest, you can go for tamilrocker latest, for downloading the latest releases.

List of tamilrocker proxies?

These websites are the tamilrockers new link 2018

•    https://tamilrockers.123unblock.pro

•    https://tamilrockers.nocensor.xyz

•    http://tamilrockerrs.pl

•    https://tamilrockers.link

Tamil rocker is one of the websites which is providing the free download of movies, which movies are of a different type. There is a situation when you are not able to do the things with Tamil rocker, for that situation here in this section of the article we are providing you a list for some of the top class alternatives for the tamilrocker using these alternatives you can download the movies.

Alternative for tamilrocker

1.    123movies

this is one of the best alternatives for downloading movies. here in this website just like tamilrocker you can download movies form here. here in this website you will find that all the content is appropriately categorized and properly managed and in addition to this the beauty part of this website has a rotation of daily updates, or in simple words, we can say that the content of this website is updated on the regular basis.

The 123movies focus mainly on the movies download and has the most extensive collection of videos.

2.    Netfilx

rich in content and have proper sectioning this is the website in which you can find almost all TV serials, movies and in addition to this web series, but the only problem with this site is that you need to pay a bit for getting the access to the website.


Downloading the torrent movies is one of the best ways to watch videos without paying. This can be done! But this is illegal since all the thing which these torrent sites do is spreading the copyright content for free, yet these websites are highly popular, and a massive amount of people are using them around the globe.