Here in this article, we will talk about star plus. Which is one of the popular television channel in India? Here in this article, we will take a look at star plus new serial and star plus live serials, and we will look at star plus new serial 2018 with star plus live TV channel.

star plus live TV channel.

Star India is one of the biggest Indian pay television company who owns star plus. The content which is shown on this platform are consisting of family drama and in addition to this comedies. some of the programs which are youth-oriented which are displayed on star plus live TV channel. And in addition to these programs which are based on crime and television films.

The thing which we have to consider about star plus is that this is one of the companies which is distributed internationally by the Walt Disney Company India. this is subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company which is one of the worldwide known company for the entertainment.

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star plus new serial 2018

There are many channels which are star plus live TV channels. Some of the best workings are star gold — Star Utsav which was famous for Kasota Zindagi Ki. And in addition to this, there are many top class channels which are working in this zone.

This is the channel which is based in India and the language on which this channel works in Hindi. This is the channel which receives the traffic internationally, and they are working form Mumbai, Maharashtra.

star plus live serials

Considering the things about this channel we are talking about. this is the channel which was first launched in the year 1932 on 21t of February. The thing to think about this channel is that this is one of the oldest channels which is working in India.
The interesting thing to know here is that at that time the star plus has collaborated with ZEE TV. And they are showing shows from all over the world as the relationship between both of them was broken then star plus became a single Hindi channel.

The working of star plus decreased. The thing to consider here is that at during the time in 2000. Sameer Nair executed the star plus. Due to which there are many star plus new serials were added and In addition to this. Some of the star plus live serials were also added.


Dil Toh happy hai and Divya drishti are some of the top class star plus new serial. with dil jeetegi desi girl 2 is one of the top star plus new serial 2018.
Some of the top class working star plus live serials are Ishq kills and teen paheliyan.

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