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Star Bharat | everything you need to know!

by Ashu sharma
Star Bharat, star bharat live

Star Bharat is a new channel which was released by star India. Here In this article we will consider about star Bharat live with star Bharat TV channel and star Bharat serials shown on them. And also star Bharat shows and star Bharat live TV.

Star Bharat TV channel

Star India is one of the popular platforms in Indian television which is entirely a subpart of Walt Disney Company. The thing to consider here is that star Bharat is purely a channel form star India. The thing to consider is that star Bharat is one of the channels of lead. Which is mainly focused on the channel which are based on day to day entertainment. This is one of the new star plus channel which was launched in the year 28 august 2017. Before which the channel which used to work was life ok and now it is replaced by star Bharat.

The previous name of this channel is star one, and it works as an Indian subscription-television youth channel which is mainly broadcasted in Hindi. This channel started working on November 2004. Now the thing to consider is that star one was taken in consideration and again it was changed to life ok. And yet it has been changed and broadcasted as star Bharat on the August 28 in the year 2017.

Star Bharat live

This is a channel which works on a Hindi language platform. Which is been broadcasted worldwide and in addition to this. Star Bharat live been purely managed from Mumbai India and in addition to this. Some of the sister channels are star plus and movies ok.

Star Bharat serials

The star Bharat shows are mainly based on Indian comedy. like one of the popular star Bharat show is Pyaar ka papad and In addition to this, one of the highly favorite show is sadhana India.

Star Bharat, star bharat live

Star Bharat tv channel is top-rated and one of the highly watched channels in India. Showing almost all type of shows which are ranging from comedy to mythological. And in addition to this drama are also related to it.

Some of the star Bharat serials are mayavi mailing and saam dram dand bhed. And in addition to this one of the star Bharat shows which are related to comedy are papa by chance etc.

With this one of the top class. None scripted which it was based on a reality show is Om Shanti Om.


Due to its huge fan following and the shows which are shown on this channel are very popular. And hence they gain a huge amount of traffic in India. This channel has been rebranded three times and still. It is one of the highest revenue paying channels of star India.

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