Putlocker, one of the world’s top online index platform for hosting files and in addition to this there are many websites which are used for streaming media, which is mainly related to entertainment, media and films and in addition to this some of the best in class television series.

Putlocker website, came into work in the year 2011 and it is a US-based website and form the day this website is live, this website is gaining a tremendous amount of traffic and in addition to this.

one of the exciting thing to consider here is that this website has doubled his traffic rate due to the shutdown of Megaupload.

Putlocker torrenting website!

One of the significant issues which are faced by putlocker was that in the year 2016 this website was blocked in the UK and the people from the UK were not able to access the site.

This website has Alexa rank of 250th in the whole world, and this ranking is gaining a high amount of traffic. Considering about the website is an online file hosting index, where people save their data and in addition to this, putlocker Plus even works as a forum where many sites have been listed so that people can find their stuff form many websites which is available on the internet.

The complete website is in the English language, and the primary source through which this website makes earning is an advertisement.

This clearly indicates that you will get your content for free. But the real issue is that you need to get some sort of distractions with those ads.

Facts about putlocker!

One of the thing that we should know about this website is that this website has changed many domain names. Till one of the recently changed domain names comes with the URL putlocker.c. This is putlocker new name 2018.

This has not made in knowledge. That whether the original teams are still working on the official websites. But the user there are almost 50 mirrors and proxy websites which are available for accessing this particular website.

Putlocker website- things to know!

•    This is a UK based websites which were made live with the domain main putlocker.com. And after this launch, it was in January 2012. This website was receiving an uninterrupted 800,000 visitors per day, this is massive traffic, this was not the thing.

when one of the most prominent similar types of website which was mega upload got shut down. All the traffic was directed to putlocker and at that position. The website was gaining traffic of about 1.6 million in a single day.

•    The breakthrough of this website was made by Alfred Perry. He was the vice president of paramount pictures. At the department of content protection and at that position. Putlocker was identified as one of the top 5 cyberlocker services and the website was made shut down.

soon after the shutdown the websites change their domain name, putlocker new site 2018 was as putlocker.bz and now the site can be caught by police of intellectual property crime unit and the website was shut down and after this, the website domain changed to puytlocker.is and is the putlocker new site today.


Best alternatives for putlocker

There are many websites which work the similar principle as the putlocker works and in addition to this, these websites gain a huge amount of traffic worldwide if you are not interested in using putlocker you can go for these websites for sure.


this domain is a brand in a particular space. There is hardly any content which you will not find here and in addition to this. The 123movies is one of the best websites which is used for streaming the quality videos. And the amazing thing is that you will not get irritated with the annoying ads.


this website has a great collection of top-class content and all the content is categorized. And the exciting thing about this website is that this website has a very well organized structure. Which makes the user find the content of their type easily.

Above all the best thing about this website is that this website will provide you all the content for free. 


if you want to get the thing, by an ethical means, then Netflix is one of the top class places. You will need to pay a bit but the thing to consider is that this website will provide you quality content and you can even download. The item in the type of quality you want to download.


Put locker is one of the top class websites which has come into work, the traffic which this website was gaining is unimaginable, and this was just because of their services and the interface which they were providing. This original website is not available, yet you can go to domain changed websites, using the proxies which are present on the web.