Nyaa is a bit torrent based torrent website which is operated from East Asia and is one of the largest torrent websites which works on anime content. This is a torrent meta-search-search engine and the world one of the best torrenting sites which is in English and is still live without any issues. 

The major issues which were faced by this website was a sizeable DDOS attack in September 2014.

all about nyaa.si

If you are a diehard fan of anime, then what is nyaa.si is a meaningless question for you! Nyaa is one of the world leading torrenitng website which allows you to find all most all type of anime all around the world.

The working of nyaa is based on the public torrent tracker, and this will provide you the Hd quality content for Japanese. Shows and Korean drama and all the thing which comes under this.

This is a fantastic torrent website, which will allow you to download anime videos, yet the site is down in many countries, but don’t worry there are many ways out there to access the same.

How to use nyaa.si?

Here in this section of the article, we will provide you with a step by step approach using which you can find out how to use nyaa.si.

How to access the homepage?

1.    The thing which you have to consider here is that to find out whether the nyaa.si is banned or not banned in your area, this can be check easily, all you have to do is to just search for nyaa.si is the webpage is available that means this is not banned, and if not possible then it is banned.

2.    If Ryan.si is banned in your area, then you will need a proxy or mirror, all you have to do is to search for a mirror of nyaatorrent or else you can use bypassed.ws in order to reach the home page of the particular torrent site. If it is not banned, then you can directly go there.

3.    0nce you have reached the homepage of the nyaa torrent site all you have to do is to find out your particular content; you can use, categories or filter either you can use the search bar to find the type of content you want to download.

How to download the file?

4.    Once you have got your type of content then all you have to do is to download the torrent file for your content, after that, you have downloaded the torrent file you will require a BitTorrent software one of the best examples for BitTorrent is Utorrent. Using this BitTorrent software a the torrenting file which you have downloaded you can download the thing which you were interested in downloading.

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The sukebei nyaa si was a brand in downloading the anime videos, and the website was getting a tremendous amount of traffic one of the best thing is that this website had a quality and an exciting approach. But due to copyright issues, the site has been shut down. One of the idea that you can do is to find out a poxy or mirror 0r else you can go for some of the best in the class alternative for nyaa.si.

Similar torrent sites like Nyaa.si


  1. This is an official pirate bay mirror. Which will direct you to the official pirate bay site? No viruses and one of the best in class adult stuff and the amazing thing is that this website is not banned in many countries.

•    Bypassed.ws, best alternative sukebei nyaa si

2.    The thing to consider about this website is that the bypassed let you unblock your favorites torrenting platform, like the pirates bay, and many other best in the class torrenting website.

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3.    As the name suggests, this website is working as a bypassing the banned system, for all the torrenting website. Use the proxy and enjoy your content.

•    Kickasstorrents.cr

1.     This is one of the best in the class website which is for torrenting, the kick-ass torrent is a brand, here you can search find and in addition to this discussion some of the best In class shows and Tv serials, and in addition to this movies, music, games and a lot more. One of the best in class alternative nyaa se

•    Limetorrent.asia

1.    Well, this is a masterpiece, in general, the torrent download indexer and one of the best place for torrenting, movies, videos music etc. and in addition to this, this website is one of the best websites for downloading animals. This is a bit torrent based website, which works on the principle of bit torrent, to download the particular file. In overall basis one of the best option for alternative of nyaa se