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Nadeshot net worth and Achievements!

by Ashu sharma
nadeshot net worth, net worth of nadeshot, nadeshot

How much can you earn just playing games! Well, here in this article we will talk about nadeshot net worth, his life journey and in addition to this a complete guide how it made that nadeshot net worth just with playing games!

nadeshot net worth, net worth of nadeshot, nadeshot

Well nadeshot is an professional call of duty player who comes from Illinois and the thing to consider about him is that he is the owner of the esports team 100 thieves and in addition to this one of the greatest achievement done by him is that he was the captain of the optic gaming in the year 2014 for the ghosts season.

here let’s find which is the real reason for such a huge net worth of nadeshot

Life journey             

The journey of nadeshot started in the year 1992 on the 3rd of august. Talking about studies he has completed his studies from the Amos Alonzo Stagg high school.

After his school, nadeshot took graduation in two years of business studies and after that, he had worked in the McDonald restaurants.

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The reason nadeshot is at such a high position is that his passion for gaming! Which he has in him! He used to put all his efforts in gaming which is that reason net worth of nadeshot


Well, nadeshot becomes an official competitive gamer at the age of 13. The thing to consider is that his first gaming series was halo game series!

Here the story on the evening of the Christmas he was gifted with the game the gear of wars and he was qualified for the MLG Chicago gears which were held in the year 2007!

One thing to talk about nadeshot which has played the highest role in the nadeshot net worth becoming so high is that he has his commitment and he had all the dedication which is required to be at that position.

nadeshot net worth, net worth of nadeshot, nadeshot

Nadeshot net worth          

Here in this section let’s talk about nadeshot net worth. Well, the thing to consider is that by the year 2019 the nadeshot net worth comes around to be $ 5 million. And the reason According to him for his such a high net worth of nadeshot is that he loved what it does! He loves to play the game!

According to him do what you love is the thing which is required to be successful!

Some of the Achievements Done By Nadeshot

Here in this section, we will consider some of the achievement done by him are

  • He became a professional gamer by the age of 13
  • He is the owner of Esports team 100 thieves
  • He has his gold medal in the major league gaming X games, 2014 gold medalist!


Gaming can be a good career but one thing that you should always is that whatever you do but you have to put all your affords into it! And that is possible only when you love what you do!

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