limetorrent is a search engine that caters the entertainment needs of torrents around the world. It was introduced in 2009, and the site has been a constant target of copyright offering movies, games and Tv shows from anywhere in the world. Limetorrents has established a reputation in the digital business. It manages to gain an honorable spot and to stay under the radar for many P2P users so far.

Limetorrents is a verified BitTorrent website where users can download movies, Tv shows, games and more for free. It can be accessed without the need to sign up for an account to the website. Lime torrents website is a popular torrent directory, which means it doesn’t host any torrent file itself but instead links you to other websites that host the data.


Lime torrents are family-safe, so adult submission or search are not allowed. They have a broad index of torrents which is categorized into movies, tv, anime, application an games.

Proxy Sites are essential for Lime torrents

In many countries, the Government tries to cracking down torrent websites because the scale of blocked websites is growing exponentially. In these situations, a torrent proxy plays an essential role. Lime torrents are blocked, if you want to access and download a torrent from Lime torrents, then check out Limestone unblocked procedure guide.

How to access Lime torrents with the help of a VPN?

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First of all, we have to know about what is VPN.VPN stands for Virtual private network. One can easily access the Lime torrent 2018 sites with the help of Lime torrents mirror. You can easily find the list of lime torrents proxy from the internet. If you want to keep your activity private, then you should look into the VPN services.

If you are connected with Lime torrent with the help of VPN services, it helps your online activity wholly hidden from the third party. It is essential to select a VPN service that has a good reputation in the market. Here in these articles, we provide you the list of top best VPN services:

1.Hotspot Shield



4.CyberGhost Vpn


What is Lime torrents 2018 Proxy?

Lime torrents are blocked in many countries, if you want to access them requires either a VPN or a Lime torrents proxy and in addition to this, you can go for lime torrent mirrors. Many proxy sites on the internet will provide you a way to access the actual site. To understand proxy sites work is that they act as an intermediate between you and the website that you want to visit. Instead of using your IP address to access the Lime torrents websites, the limetorrent proxy sites use their IP addresses to access the website. Therefore, to make it appear as if you never even visited the websites in the first place.

Why you need lime torrent?

When it comes to the internet, this internet is filled with information, this information is available in the form of videos, blogs, articles, eBooks, music and a lot more information. well but here one thing to consider is that many of these content is paid or it licensed. this means that you cannot access this content without paying for it. Well in that situation to access this content you can go for the lime torrent to download your stuff.

Using sites like a lime torrent, you can get access to these websites freely and get interacted with your type of content, and this will be it.

How to use lime torrent?

1 This will be very easy if you are living in a country where we have not to ban on torrent websites. But one thing to make sure is that you don’t need to worry if these sites are prohibited in your countries.

2 You can go for proxies of the limetorrents to access these websites. By any means, once you have gone to the site. All you have to do it to select the categories of the type of content you want to access.

3 Once you have gone there. To select the kind of content and the file you want to download. here once you click you will get a torrent file. Now to work upon torrent file. You need a bit torrent software like uTorrent.

4 Uploading the data in the utorrent. Will start the download of that file and now you can enjoy the access to those files. And this is how lime torrent works?