As the pirates bay went offline, the site which allows peer to peer file sharing which is kickasstorrent became world’s biggest piracy hub. But it was in the year 2017, the American government undertook the kick ass torrent website, but now the best part is that the kickass torrent website is back again.

Consider thing about kickass torrent, this website is one of the best sites for torrenting and due to the fact is website was able to gain a large number of users within a very small period. And in addition to this, the site has an immaculate and beautiful look which makes the interface of this website very easy to use and very attractive.

new kickasstorrents

As soon as the law enforcement was completed a group of developer or let’s say a group of site staffers has developed the site again, and the site is life back still.

The kickass torrent website is launched as, as the site will be ready, the site will bring back its glory and the respond which is given by the people.

Completely new kickass torrent website

  1. the all-new completely fresh kickass torrent website has been ready and is launched, the thing which we have to consider is that this website looks completely fresh and has a better look than the former site.

2. This website host many links and files, which will amaze you like hell, this website includes torrent files, magnetic rings, movies torrent, high-class software’s, cool games and some of the best in class music torrents.

3. a new website has all original stuff and in addition to this, some of the latest things has been uploaded.

4. new kickass torrent website is:-

•    new mirrors and proxy have also grown up which will also help you to browse your type of content very quickly.

On launch, these are the thing which the team has said

•    “We have all the stuff which were available in the previous version and in addition to this the new content has been uploaded and all our significant uploaders are available on board. The torrent community will make sure to upload all the new content form all possible trusted source.

During the time of launching, one thing to consider is that while this process, the ISPs form Australia has blocked access to top 5 torrent download websites, and these blocked websites include pirate bay and even Isohunt.

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The interesting thing to know is that, following this blockage of original kickass torrent portals that has taken place in this entire year till date, there are many similar but small websites which have come up online and are claiming that they are real websites

Here is the list of some of the kickass torrent proxy websites





And In addition to this, there are many other proxy websites and mirror, and these include malicious copycats. The problem with these websites is that these websites are known to steal the personal data of the users and in addition to this credit card credentials are one of the highly targeted information. According to them, they say that their primary goal is to keep the user safe and secure their personal information  

But the thing to know is that the freshly developed kickass tor team has made sure that such things will not happen and in the rebuilding process they have taken care of this issue. According to them, installing this thing and forming up a completely new website have taken a long time but their primary goal is to provide a safe area for all the users.

Now here in this section of the article, we will introduce you to top 7 websites which are perfect as a kickass torrent alternative.

kickass torrent alternative.

The Pirate Bay

This website was launch in the year 2003, and this is one of the best websites which is considered to be the best alternative for the kickass torrent website. The thing which is to think about this website is that this website has always been as one of the most visited websites in this field, and in addition to this the thing which makes this website of the best is that website is that, this website offers you the most significant collection of content.

Well this website has a very simple layout which makes this website very easy to use, the best thing is that you can search for torrent by name or you can browse using the specific categories, one this that makes one of the best alternatives then kickass torrent is that they run a crypto mining script on its website which makes them unique.


well again one of the best website, which can be considered as a best alternative then a kickass torrent, this is one of the most curated experiences provider website and in this category this website beats even the kickass torrent sites. The thing which this website is famous for is that this torrent website focuses on movies and TV shows and in addition to these websites also focuses on games and categories like music.

software and in addition to this-this is one of the best sites to download the adult content. One of the controversial thing about RARBG is that this website was banned in the year 2008 for one week, this was due to the fact that BREIN provided legal pressure on RARBG, but now this website is available without any sort of major interruption.


, it is one of a kind of torrent website, the thing about this website is that this is the only torrent search engine which combines millions and millions of link. The best thing about this website is that on another website the accessible content can be found very quickly but this is very hard to find the less popular content.

the best thing about Torrentz2 is that this website is vital if you want to see less popular content and this is the reason which makes this website one of the best alternatives for kickass torrent.

Extra torrent

, coming on to this website, this website is famous as much as the kickass  search engine torrent website, it was in the year 2016, in November month, this website got the tittle of second- largest torrent site and the fantastic thing to know about this website is that this website was wontedly shutdown due owners and the website took not even a single year to reach such a high popularity.

Lime torrent

, this website was launched in the year 2009, and with the way it works, you can consider this website as one of the best sites which can work as an alternative for kickass torrent website, this is one of the famous websites just as kat website and this website offers an extensive collection of TV shows, music and has one of the most extensive selections of apps, anime and some of the highly famous categories.

The thing which makes this website is less attractive is its interface, the front page of this website is very unattractive due to the reason, some user finds this website very difficult to use but other than this reason, this website is one of the reliable torrent websites which is performing highly well.

Kickass torrent was not working?

The reason is very interesting to know the reason why the kickass torrent website was not working is that this website was performing so well that this website came into notice of many authorities and due to this there were frequent domain changes in a small time, which was also the reason for this website to lose its popularity.

Now the news has come the kickass torrent website is launching with its new look, and the best thing about this website is that in this lunch. The developer has included many of the most extensive collection in this website; now you can find old to new, accessible to less known, this means that almost all type of content is available.


The kickass torrent or kickass search engine website is one of the best sites if you want to consider the download of torrent content, torrent is the platform from where you can download paid or licensed content for free with very ease. That is the reason these websites are high in demand. A similar site is kickass torrent and is one of the famous places in this field; you can use this website for your work; they are reliable and highly renowned.