It is an on-demand video service using which people can stream online their content which can be some of the favorite TV shows of US and Japan. This is hulu live tv which is a web place is designed by the Walt Disney company.

The focus of HULU is on streaming the latest TV shows and in addition to this HULU also makes it’s on shows, and they publish it on their platform. Here one thing to note is that you will not find movies, documentaries and all on Hulu channels. It is exclusively for TV shows and the content which is made by them.


The thing to consider is that Hulu is a lot different some other online streaming websites like amazon prime video and Netflix. The thing to consider is that this is a better option then cables,. Since in wires, you have to give some of the hidden fees. But in hulu live tv this is not such, you don’t have to perform any installation and nothing new equipment to buy. All is that you need to have an internet connection and in addition to this you should have a hulu app, and your work is done.

  this is a service for which you have to pay 45 dollars every month. This is the case and in benefit of this, you will get on demand live TV programming. This means that you will be able to watch what is going on the TV on Hulu tv.

In this program, you will get 50 channels of your choice, which will range from sports, entertainment, science, and travel, etc.


Some of the best in the class channel which have popularity worldwide are also being added to Hulu movies, these are discovery, investigation discovery and in addition to these channels like TLC, etc.

Some of the competitors of Hulu tv are Sling TV, Directv. And you will be allowed to have watched all the content live and the best part you don’t have to stretch any cable or go for any satellite subscription.

Here the masterpiece, you can adjust the quality of streaming the way you want, this means that you will have the quality control and you can control the quality form low to high.

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Hulu app and Hulu website

Here there is two option available for you. You can use HULU app for watching the content in your mobile and in addition to this you can go for the website To view the content in your PC.

Both the platform is very lovely, they come out with excellent user experience, and in addition to this, you will have proper navigation keys in which you will be able to find your serials or shows very well.

Another thing which Hulu account or website has installed is that depending on your internet connection they have automatically decided which quality will be best for continues streaming. The idea is that this feature of Hulu movies improving the issues of buffering online.

Plans for watching

Here the ideas for Hulu are interesting. There is two sections. In the first section, you will get access to some of the best in class content for free, but you will not be able to access the paid one.

And in another section, you will be able to watch the paid content, in that purpose you have to pay for it. Here the thing to consider is that in the free version you have to deal out with ads and in the paid version, you will not have ads.

Here the subscription is somewhat like you have to pay  $ 6 for subscription to paid content, but with ads and in addition to this you have to pay $ 12 for ads free content.

And in addition to this, you will have to pay $ 45 for a subscription for one month in which you will get access to live TV.  And if you are paying 4 51 for ads free content.

How to use Hulu Hulu TV?

This is very simple all you have to do is to decide on which platform you want to use Hulu. That if you’re going to use Hulu on desktop or mobile. If mobile download the app or if web, open the internet and then sign yourself up and then decide which plan you want to choose. After that you have to select plan pay for it and then select the serial which you want to watch and then start viewing your content.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is online video streaming platform. Using which you can stream your favorite web series, movies and other content.  

Is Hulu free?

No you need to have a paid subscription for Hulu the subscription rates are fairly low and you can try it.

How to download Hulu app?

You can download it from official site or play store and in addition to this you can get the download link form the official site to download the app. 

How much Hulu account cost?

Depending on plan it will cost you for $ 6 , $ 12 or $ 45 the plans depends on the features and the type of content which you want to watch.