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how to share games on steam |steam family sharing guide!

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how to share games on steam, share games on steam, steam family sharing guide

Here In this article, we will discuss How to share games on steam? The thing to consider is that gaming is one of the best, and it is raising day by day. Steam is the platform where you can get access to a large variety of games, and in addition to this you can create your game library which will help you out to share the games to your family friends, and in addition to this, you can share these games with the one you want to share with. So let’s understand how to share games on stream?

Share Games On Steam!

The very first thing is that you have to do to enable family library sharing. For this purpose, you have to take care that the steam guard security feature is enabled. For this, you have to open up the option on the menu. And then you have to select the option of account tab, and here you will find the prospect of manage account, and this will be done using steam guard security option.

Now the next step is to start the sharing feature. For the purpose, you have to log in to the pc in which you want to share, and this thing will be done using your steam account. And then you have to find out the family tab and then choose to authorize the computer.

how to share games on steam, share games on steam, steam family sharing guide

Now, as soon as you complete the things, you will get the option which will allow you to authorize any of the accounts in which you have logged in. Now you have to complete these steps before you can go further.

final step

the final step on how to share games on steam is that, Once you are done with this, you have to log out of your account, and your friend have to go back and log in to their pc with their pc. This will give a choice to download and then install the game which you have selected form the library.

how much you can share?

Here you have to understand that you can authorize up to the number of 10 you cannot go beyond that. And a quantity of 5 people can get access to your library.

Advantages of sharing

One of the practical benefits which are related to share games on steam is that you can share your game with the person who is not in touch with you or the person you cannot come to your house and get your game.
Mainstreaming sharing is to allow people who want to share their steam library with their kids.
With the shared game on stream option, your cousin and family members can easily play your game and can enjoy.


Here in this article, we have provided you steam family sharing guide going through the guide you can understand how to share games on steam. And in addition to this, we have also concluded what the benefits of doing that are. So go through the steam family sharing guide and share your games with your family and friends.

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