Here in this article, we will talk about how to download music from youtube. This is a complete article based on download music from YouTube and YouTube download. YouTube is one of the biggest platforms to search for videos. YouTube has a massive dam collection of videos in which millions of videos are uploaded. The categories which you can find on YouTube is all.

You can find videos related to your topic irrespective of what your problem is once such a category is music. You can find videos of music on YouTube, and in addition to this, the thing is that you can also download the music from YouTube. Now, this is interesting since it takes a lot of data for listening to songs on YouTube. Here have a way out on how to download music from YouTube.

List of ways to download music from YouTube


The very first thing that you have to do is to open YouTube in your browser and then search for the video which you want to download. The idea is that if the video is not downloadable, then this method will not work, you can use another way.
You have to go to your video and then click the link of the video, and then you have to do to website
On this website, you can paste the link and download the music. The thing is that in the download you have chosen the option of mp3 and this will download the music.

method-2 for youtube to mp3

In this method, you have to download the 4k video downloader. After that, you have downloaded it you need to go to the YouTube video which you want to download, and now you have to go to the copy the link to this video. The thing to understand here is that this link should be appropriately copied since this is the link which you direct the tool to video.

You need to download the 4k downloader now and click on the start window and in this downloader, you have to paste the link or else is the link gets copied automatically then you need not to paste the link you are allowed to skip the step.

Now once you have pasted the link, this is the time when your video will be parsed. Allow the video to get parsed and then you have to click on download. This will download your video and if you YouTube to mp3, then you can click on the menu where you will get the option to extract audio.

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Here we have another method for download music from YouTube free. Now to YouTube using your browser and then search for your video which you want to download. This is a natural step far once you have got the video which you want to download then click on it and copy out its link address. Now to copy you can click on control c on your keyboard.

Open the VLC media player and if you have don’t installed it then first install it by going to the web and download it.

Once you have got the VLC media player then while you open the VLC media player, then you have to click on the option media, and in the option of media, you have found. An opportunity for open network stream click on it and then paste the link of it now all you have to do is to play the video or you can choose to open the video.

Nw you have to codec the information which you can get by clicking on tools. Now you need to select the location of the file and the open the video on your Brower. Now right click on the video and then save the video as. Re-open the VLC, and under the download option, you can find the open to convert it.

Here convert it into audio and download it. And hence you YouTube to mp3 will be done.


Here in this article, we have provided you ways using which you can download the music from youtube free. This will help you out to save out your data. And in addition to this, you store your favorite song so that you can listen to them anytime you want. This how to download music from youtube article will be beneficial for you to go through so that you can understand the process well.

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