History TV 18 is one of the high audience channels. And because this is one of the unique channels. The content on this channel is related to history and all the old thing which are taken into consideration. Here in this article, we will talk about history TV 18 which is history channel live and then history tv 18 schedules and one of the best in the class show which comes on history 18 ancient aliens in Hindi. 

The thing to consider about history TV 18 is that it is the channel which was formally known as history channel live since this channel is solely related to the history of people, things and anything which is related to history.

History channel live

The history TV18 is a channel which is formally known as the channel of history an actually an Indian television channel whose main objective is to provide information about historical events and provide information about great persons and thing that are being in the history.

About the channel

The history tv 18 is again one of the channels which are working as a joint venture between the A + E networks and in addition to this one of the well-known company in this particular space which is TV18 and about TV18 Is that it is an Indian JV media group. The thing to consider about history TV is that this is one of the top class channels which you will watch in 5 different languages which are available in full HD.

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History TV 18 – a joint venture.

This channel started working on 30th of November 2003 and this is a joint venture and at that position, this channel started with Boys toys, and in addition to this some of the top class shows like biography conspiracy and some of the shows which are related to secret agents.

Now the amazing thing about history channel live is that this channel is re-branded as fox history and entertainment.  And this is was the time in 2011 when this channel was re-launched in India.

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The thing to consider about this channel is when you will go through history TV 18 schedule. You will find that all the content on this channel has a lot of history related content so if you are one of those who love to know about history, then this channel is one of the best in the class channel to subscribe to.

One of the history TV show which was very popular was history tv18 ancient aliens in Hindi. In India, this single show gained a hell lot of traffic, and this show still has a fan following.

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