Faker Net Worth With Top 5 Amazing Facts About Him!
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Faker Net Worth, Lifestyles and Career!

by Ashu sharma
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You can’t even imagine how much gamers can earn! Because of that huge! Here in this article, we will talk about faker net worth one of the top class South Korean professional league of legends player!

Probably known as faker his actual name lee Sanh-hyeok! Here let’s consider his career and early life and in addition to this about how he did reach as net worth as faker net worth!

Faker’s earning, faker net worth, net worth of faker,faker

Faker net worth, early life career and journey

So let’s stop gossips and start the real thing for which we are here let’s talk about faker.

Early life           

From his early life, he was taken care of by his father and in addition to this, he was very much attached to faker! In addition to this, he has an older brother with him in his family!

The thing to consider about him is that he was a very shy person and he doesn’t talks in person life! The only thing which he loved doing was playing games!

He was very small when he started to play those puzzle games and then he switched to video games and in addition to this then he started playing games like Warcraft 3 and MOBA chaos!

The Turing point in his life was in 2011 it was the time when he started playing league of legends! And after playing the game he started gaining the interest so much that he decided that he will become the master of this game!

One of the major decision fakers took that he will drop out of school and he will completely devote the time in his SK Telecom T1.

One of the interesting facts about faker is that he believes that he has two flower pots and he believes in the energy in this! He thinks that those two flower pots help in relieving stress!

And then his team was the first team to win the three league of legends championships in a row!  One he did that he decided that he will continue his education as soon as he will finish his career of E sports!

Faker’s net worth  

 Well! This is amazing at present faker net worth is around $ 4 million and the fun part is that he has earned all this with his gaming skills!

One of the professional skill he has is that he is a professional programmer! He has one of the top class skills in programming!

One thing that will shock you about faker is that with his programming career he has earned about $1,000,000

He is a member of one of the top class team! The name is his team is SK telecom T1 and with only his team they have a turnover of $1.2 million.

Again one of the top class things to know about him is that he ranks at # 52 in E-sports! This is all about his gaming and programming skills!

The only thing according to him about winning such great skill is that he never gives up! He is very determined to what he does and in addition to this, he is very passionate about what he does!   

One of the funny parts about him is that people think that he is the Lionel Messi of what he does!

Facts About facker

  1. he won consecutively three times the league of legends!
  2. Faker is a professional gamer and his all earning are with gaming!
  3. faker is a professional programmer
  4. he is one of the richest gamer with a net worth of faker $ 4 million

Faker’s earning          

Reports claim that faker earning just with tournaments is around $1,174,048.35 and in addition to this, he faker’s earning with programming is around 2.5 million dollars!

He is the only player who has come close to this level of the league is lee “wolf” and with his, he has earned about $912,064.70 with all the course in his career!

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