Extratorrent was at a time one of the biggest names in the torrent industry, and this torrent site was based on the concept of bit torrent. One of the biggest reason why people where using bit torrent at such a huge level, because of the kind of quality the of videos the extra torrent was providing and in addition to this.

The interface of the website was so, and with this, the community of other torrent was high in number, the thing is that if you visit extra torrent this is the fact that you won’t get disappointed. Extratorrent Hindi movies are one of the best places to download Hindi dubbed movies.  


Coming on to the design of the website, the design is a very user-friendly and simple design, this is the reason the content of the site has been spread to the whole world. The best thing about new torrent is that all the content on this website is categorized to facilitate the user to download the content; this is one of the most fantastic features of extratorrent.

Extratorrent, Best torrent for movies

One of the interesting things is that, in the field of the torrent, there are many websites which come and go. But there is only some website which is able to take up a vast amount of traffic, well extratorrent 2018 is one of the sites. Which has gained a large amount of traffic, due to this the website was banned in many countries and in order to fight with this. There are many mirrors which have come up so that they will not disappoint their fans. And in addition to all this extra torrent is one of the best to download extratorrents dubbed movie.

Some interesting facts

• It was in the year Dec. 18 2016, this website has started of the thing which was encrypting the content of the website, due to this the proxy sites which were providing access to the content of the website, with the encryption system almost 90 % of the proxy websites were made unusable.  

• At a stage, the extratorrent was one of the most significant bit torrent systems which was online, due to such a considerable community government hunted the website and the website was shut down.

• Extra torrent also like any other torrent system works on peer to peer communication protocol and the file transfer protocol.

Extratorrent mirror sites

• The content of a mirror site is very easy, a mirror site is not the actual site but acts as the real site, this website when works, they will feel like, and it will work as if this is a complete similar website, but this website operates on a different server.

• One of the main problems which is faced by many people is that. People think that proxies and mirror websites are the same. But this a myth, well proxies are messenger which will allow you to access the sitshere there is no direct connection with the actual, and the mirror is something different mirrors are the copy of the real website.

Here are the top 5 extra torrent mirrors

•    https://extratorrent.ch/

•    https://www.extratorrent2.net

•    https://extratorrent.si/

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Best alternative extra torrent for 2019

1.    The pirates Bay,

•  this is one of the oldest and one of the most excellent torrent website. Which is well known to provide torrent files for the purpose

• Pirates Bay is available in the almost 35 languages. There is a lot of content which can be accessed through this website.

2.    RARBG

•  This is again one of the most popular website torrent website. Unlike other torrent websites. The thing which we have to consider about this website is that this website has proper categories. Proper section and in addition to this proper description of the content. Thing to consider about this website is that you can find all the content of the website in almost 1080 P Hd or blueray quality.

3.    Limetorrents

• Well, this website is famous as a general-purpose torrent site. And the thing to understand about this website is that this website seems growing. Content is daily updated and is refreshed. There are no broken links and in addition to this. The design of this website is also very user-friendly.

• One of the fantastic thing about limetorrent is that the offer all form TV serials. And movies almost all type of content can be once found on this website.


The extra torrent download is the website which is one of the best websites to download the torrent file. The other torrent website which will help you to out to find your content. Extra torrent 2018 is the site which will help you out in the process. In the places where the website is blocked, you can use proxies or mirrors to download the files.

What is extratorrent?

Extratorrent is torrent website to download movies it uses torrent technology to provide the content for downloading

How to download Extra torrent Hindi movies?

Use extratorrent mirrors to access the homepage then you can search for the movies which you want to download finally using uTorrent you can download it.

What are extra torrent mirrors?

Extra torrent mirrors are the special websites which allows you to access the website extra torrent it is banned in your country.

What are some of the best alternative for extra torrent?

If you don’t want to use extra torrent then you can go for alternatives lie pirates bay, lime torrent and others.