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Email Using Gmail | create a Gmail account

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This is the article which is related to create a Gmail account. These are the era of email and in broad terms instant emails. The thing to consider here is that due to the growing internet there is a drastic change in the way we send information. In the earlier day.

the letter used to take an about time of 10 days to receive and again another ten days to get a reply. And in these days it was started with sending words. Nowadays you can send files over the email. And in addition to this, you can customize your email account in such a way that it looks professional.

create gmail account

One of the best in Class Company which is working in this field is Google which provides service of Gmail. Using the Gmail account, anyone sends email to any other email account very quickly.

Having an email account is very important these days. Since we communicate a lot over the internet. We send information and files which are related to this purpose.

Advantages to creating Gmail account

1.    One of the primary and foremost benefit is that you can send emails to your people all over the worlds. To their email address

2.     by Creating a gamil account  will start all your services which Google provides. You don’t have to register yourself everywhere, merely provide your Gmail id and passwords will be enough.

3.    You can 15 GB of online storage in which you can store your relevant documents, and in addition to this, you can store files, photos, etc.

4.    Gmail account is fast, and they are very secure, so you don’t have to take tension of your privacy leakage.

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How to create a Gmail account.

create gmail account, how to create gmail account, create a gmail account, How to Create a Gmail Account

Before you can start using the email and the services which are provided by googling all you have to do is first to create an account. This is for sure you. Here we are providing you a complete guide on how to create a Gmail account. 

To create a Gmail account, the very first thing that you have to consider is that you have to go the home page of Gmail. Click here

Home page

The second step is to create Gmail account. Once you have open the home page of Gmail, you will find a login in option. Down below you will find that you have an opportunity to creating an account.

You need to click on create an account for the purpose that you want to create a Gmail account. Once you click on it, you will have to provide your information in the sections down below

Information you need to deliver!

1.    Username:- the name with which you want to use your Gmail account.

2.    Email address:- this is the address with which your emails will be received or you will use this address for sending emails to some people.

3.    You need to create a strong password.  Here one thing which is interesting to know is that always use a capital letter and then a unique character and in addition to this you have to use a number key. The combination will create a strong password.

4.    Date of birth, here you need to provide your date of birth.

5.    And in the end,, you need to provide your phone number with which you will create gmail account. This number will be for further work.

terms and conditions

Once you have given all the information about yourself to create a Gmail account, then you will have to click on the create an account button. The button will be activated only when you will click on the terms and condition box. Read out all the time and condition which are given by the google and then click on the table and finally click on the create a gmail account button.

create a gmail account :- final step

Once the second step in the process of How to Create a Gmail Account. The next step you need to give an email id on which they used to communicate to you once you have done the registration.


Once you have completed this process now, you can customize your Gmail account. Here you can choose out the theme which you want to use. And in addition to this, you can set up your signature which will be used in your emails which you will send using Gmail.


Gmail is one of the fast and secure email services which you is provided to you for free. The thing to consider is that in order to use any of the facilities which are provided by Gmail and Android to access those you have to create a Gmail account.

This article is a complete guide on how to create a Gmail account? Follow all the steps, and you will end up making a fascinating account. And you can use this Gmail account where ever you require.

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