Here in this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of social media. Social media is one of the influential web places. And at the present era, this is very hard to find people who are on social media. There are many good things related to social and in addition to this, there are many demerits which are related to this!

Advantages of social media

One of the biggest advantages of social media is that this allows you to get connected to the whole worlds. This is one of the best things is that you are alone not. You are in any part of the world you get connected to someone who is in any other part of the worlds.

You can share your information, photos. And in addition to this, you can share you’re all your photos and your status with your friends and family members.

The thing to consider about social media has been one of the biggest and cheap platforms. On these platforms which you can easily advertise your brands and in addition to this. You can spread your brands in the way you want to do in very less investment.

update the current affairs

Another advantage of social media is that social sharing helps to get us knowledge of current affairs. And what is the hot thing which is taking place around the worlds?

There are many things which are related to the betterment of human being such information can be easily spread around the world. 

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Disadvantages of social media

  1. Cyberbullying there are many reports which have come up that there are many children who have experienced cyberbullying. The thing to consider is that in real life if you face bullying you will be between some people but cyberbullying is always a permanent picture which can be viewed at any time
  2. Youth tends to spend a hell lot of time on social media rather than anywhere else.
  3. Hacking is one of the biggest disadvantages of social media, personal information is been hacked. And this personal information is used for a harmful purpose.
  4. The use of some other peoples personal information. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of social sharing People take photos of other people and try acting as if they are talking with their friends. 


This is common if we build anything there are always positives and negatives related to it. And the use of a particular thing depends on the way we are using the things.

Here now we have to decide how to use social sharing. And how much to use social sharing. Social is one of the great tools to advertise yourself get connected to the whole worlds.

The main thing about social media is that you are connected to the worlds. And now if you are going to use it in a limited way then it will one of the most useful tools for the whole worlds.

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