1337x is a peer to peer file sharing website which is aimed at providing a directory of a torrent file. And in addition to this they also offer magnet links. Bit torrent is the protocol which this website follow to share data using the flow. You can get access to some of the latest movies, music, games and some of the sophisticated software. And the best thing is that you can get this thing all for free using the 1337x. To torrent website. Well, the 1337x torrent is a community-based torrent website

and the word which you should know. Is that all these torrent websites are nothing but a group of list or some of the tagged torrent. Yet there is something different  is the torrent website 1337x movie. The fantastic thing about 1337x torrent is that it has a total community of 250 users. And in addition to this over 1 million overflows and in addition to this it has forum. Radio and chat rooms which help to entertain you and helps a lot in download torrent.

1337x torrent

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The fantastic thing to know about 1337x torrent is that this is 3rd largest torrent website. And this is according to a Torrent Freak news blog.

This website Is currently live and was launched in the year of 2007, almost 13 years ago. One thing that makes this website trustworthy is that the Alexa rank of this website is 279. And this is one of the best sites for the torrent index, magnet links provider.

This website got the popularity which it has in the year of 2016. Since during this year one of the most famous website the kickass torrent website got closed.

One of the exciting things about 1337x is that this is known for “leet”. Which stands for elite, this is termed for hacker. The story behind this is that the term “leet” was coined in the year 1980s. During this time people who were a lot interested in the computer used to roam the bulletin board system. And these people used to discuss a large variety of topics and the major discussion point was the file sharing.

Here is something important, that is 1337x.to is the primary domain of this website. if at all this website has been blocked you can use 1337x.st, this is also workable. you can find almost everything here like television, movies, library, application, anime. in addition to this, some of the best in class documentaries. a lot more and the best thing is that the license is free for this website.

You can find this website at www.1337x. And you can find some of the best in class movies at 1337 movies

Best 1337x alternatives

•    Extra torrent: – well this is a free website which is one of the best alternatives for 1337x. This is an online website which allows people to download movies and TV shows.

The thing to consider is that this website also uses bit torrent protocol same as of 1337x.

The best thing about this website is that this website has categorized. All the movies and sections, which makes this website easy to search.

•    TorrentRover:-,, the best thing about this alternative, is that this provides easy double click downloading, you can download the torrent desktop app, and this will ensure fast searching form some of the best torrent sites.

•    Mininova, now don’t go to name, this is one of the best 1337x alternative, this website has one of the most powerful searches, and in addition to this, you will find some of the best in class filters and effects.

unblock torrenting

•    This is interesting, and the thing is that these torrent websites are controversial and there are many situations when they are stuck, in that situation all you required is a VPN. But now this is to note that there are many types of VPN some are paid and some of them are free. If you are one of those, who can’t afford to have a paid VPN. All you have to do it to download opera browser. The thing why we have to use opera is that opera provides a free unlimited VPN for a lifetime, now using the VPN you can change your location and can access the torrent website.

•    The reason why these torrent websites are blocked frequently. Is that sites like 1337x.to provide one of the highly demanded. Valuable and licensed product all for free to all its users. This is the fact that internet authorities say that you cannot sell. or show authorized information without the permission of authorities to whom it may concern.


1337x torrent Is the place where you can find rich content and search. According to what you want to get. As said this has a profoundly productive community which is also supported with it. Use it to find your content and download.