123movies which are also famous with the name 123movies club or go movies. well, this movies is one of the top pirated movie sites. but the problem with this website is that. by MPAA this website is announced as, the largest pirate website which was gaining a high amount of traffic in the whole world, with this label this website was forcefully shut down.

The 123 movies was one of the most significant working movies in a particular space, which worked with the same name for over 18 month, the thing to know about this website is that this website gained a large amount of traffic in a short span, and this website made a vast amount of traffic mainly in countries like Europe,

The good news is that after the domain 123 movies site was banned, this website came back with several rebranding, with domains names 123movieclub or went went movies, this has made a study base back again.

One of the important news is that 123movies new site is in the form of 123movies club or go movies yet the official 123movies website remains the same that is 123movies site.

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Is using 123movies safe or not?

123movies website had a vast collection of videos of all type. And the best thing is that they provide super quality content with high convenience and in addition to this they have no broken links. and you will not be redirected to other fake pages.

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which is generally done in most of the free movie streaming websites, yet this is risky to use such websites. Because irrespective of what you are watching and downloading the content which is not open on the internet. And you are viewing it for free and in addition to this, there are many such websites which are known to put malware in the downloading content, yet 123movies is a safe site.

Free Alternatives for 123movies


This website works on the same principle as the 123movies website works on. This website is a free movie streaming and downloading site, and this website has a premium interface. Considering the amount of traffic and type of user interface this website has. This website can be considered as one of the top class alternatives for 123movies.
• Talking about particularly this website. This website will allow you not only to watch movies online in addition to this, but you also get all the information about the content which you are viewing.
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Amazon prime,

• This is one of the best in the class alternative for 123movies, you get high-quality content on this website and in addition to this, you can check all the information about your content. the thing to consider is that you get a massive amount of content. and almost all matter can be found here but the only problem, with this website, is that this website needs some bucks! If you want to get access to the content.
• And in addition to super Quality content, you will get things like parental control, and this is rear, you will get all the things which are required for your kids, yes the access is paid but once you pay it will be worth it.
The link for this website

Yes movies

• Yes, movies are one of the best alternatives for 123movies, the thing to consider is that this website has a stunning interface, This website will help you out to filter the content which you have. This will easily help you to out to find your content.
• The site is entirely free, but the problem with this website is that you will get irritating ads. Still, this website is one of the best in class website and the best alternative for 123movies.
The link for this website
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• Zmovies is another website which is similar to this website. And this is one of the most beautiful working websites. The thing to consider is that you can go for any of your content in just one click. This website provides you filter for your content, and in addition to This. All the content which you will get on this website is free of cost. One of the best In a class feature of this website is that you can filter the content based on the new release.
• The masterpiece in this website is that this website can provide you the download content in HD.
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Watch free

• This website is a strong participant. This website is one of the best in the class website in the space of complimentary movie online.
• The thing about this website is that this website is providing a best in class user interface and in addition to this almost all TV serials or movies are available on the site.
• One of the best in the class alternative for 123movies.
go to the website


Well, one of the top class working movie providing website is down now. This is unknown whether it will come or not. There are other websites which are working in the same space. You can go for those websites whenever you want to go to any movies. And in addition to this, you can go for rebranding websites of 123movies download.